Monday, January 26, 2004

One person on a site I use has 'assembled physics notes' for all high-school students 'despite being only thirteen'. Here's one nice gem:
What does E=MC^2 mean?

Energy=Matter traveling at the (speed of light Squared)

or even more simply.

if matter was to trasvel at the speed of light squared
which can be calculated like this
186000 Km/h * 186000 Km/h=34596000000 Km/h
it would turn into energy

Sunday, January 25, 2004

On one gaming site I'm on, someone made a small contest. He made a list of over 1,000 primes and offered a prize for the first to find the only non-prime on the list.
The first number on the list was one.

I've been teaching myself php. Simple, though sessions had me stymied for a bit. I think they're probably working fairly well now, but I haven't actually tested the code.
Yes indeedy, I have learnt nothing from ten years of coding. Surely it will work right off the bat?

In the old country, we had a saying: no news is good news. So every day, they would print a newspaper, and it would be completely blank. Except at the top it would say in big black letters, 'NO NEWS'.

Whenever I recall this quote, I think of Danial Pinkwater's Borgel, but it doesn't seem to be from that book. Perhaps the Chicken Man said it at one point? Someone please tell me! UPDATE in 2020: Turns out it's from The Big Kerplop by Bertrand R. Brinley.