Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In German, words like 'my' aren't the genetive pronouns, but merely adjectives. I don't know if Anglo-Saxon is the same or not. My textbook isn't extremely helpful.

And I'm still wondering about their helpful 'how to pronounce this stuff' section. I can distinguish the A's in 'has' and 'sat', but the two A's in 'aha'? Maybe the second syllable is chopped short, similar to an apostrophe in Klingon. The first between 'has' and 'cought'?

then there's the y and y|. They're described as being like the 'i' in 'tin', but with lips in whistling position (French 'tu') and as the 'ee' in 'seen', but with lips again in whistling position (French 'ruse'). I don't know French.
And I can't whistle.

I'm a bit of an audial learner. I want to be able to mentally hear the words when first learning them. I guess I'll try to did up a good phonology site later. I'm stymied without.


Anonymous said...

I would think 'twould be VhA (SAMPA). That's how I've always pronounced it. Emphasis on the second syllable. I keep forgetting to tell you this. >.< If you still care as to my opinion, here it is. Maybe I'll also eeMail it to you. *pokes*

-Anne Onymous

LKBM said...

There's a writeup on E2 discussing the pronounciations and using German instead of French to describe sounds not found in Modern English. Perhaps that will be of help to German-learning me.