Tuesday, May 31, 2005

IQ: 128 96 146 142

Every once in a while, I get bored, and take an IQ test. The 128 is from a shareware program when I was 12-14. ~96 was around 2000, ~146 was 2004 (I was interupted and simply randomed the last question wrong, no doubt lowering my score tremendously), and the 142 is from today (Tickle.com).

I've never particuarly liked IQ tests, but maybe taking a bunch at different times and taking the inter-quartile mean would be semi-accurate. If it really matters though, have yourself evaluated in multiple areas by an expert.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

So, today I decided to walk to the Food Bank for a change. Normally I drive, but today I figured walking'd be cool.

It took two hours. I think it's probably six to eight miles. Not terribly far, really, but by the time I got there, my feet hurt a bit. Then I got to carry heavy boxes of food around for an hour or so. Luckily, my dad picked me up, so I didn't have to walk back during midday.

Along the way, I took a few decent photos. One building was condemned, prohibiting human occupancy:

Condmned building in Grimsland. Broken windows and no roof.

Maybe if they added a roof?

Friday, May 27, 2005

(Potentially relevant link)

The Beaufort County board. Whee!

The county commissioner, Hood Richardson is known for his infantile behavior, but from time to time he stops with the tantrums long enough to make a few racist remarks.

Recently, the DSS has wanted to add more employees, and Richardson commented, 'One manager is worth 10 000 coolies out there with wicker baskets'.

Apparently, this didn't raise moral among the 'coolies' at DSS. So nine days later, at the May 26 meeting, he had some more to say:

First of all, no one should believe everything they see printed in the newspaper in the context that it's put in. Spin, spin, spin. Secondly, I made those comments as part of a discussion where Social Services was asking for more and more employees to some into the agency at the bottom of the ladder. I was just trying to point out that they should combine some of these low-wage jobs and request more skilled employees.
It's management skills that get the work done. Thus, my comment, and I'll repeat it: One intellect, one good manager, is worth 10 000 coolies. And that's not a disparaging statement. In no way is that a disparaging statement.
I've also heard that last year Richardson made an issue of one of his opponents in the election being married to a Muslim, but I have no quotes of that.

Of course, he's hardly alone. Last year, Chairman Tetterton referred to the two black commissioners as the minority boys, and commissioner Cochran commented 'Wouldn't it be easy to be black?' when one of the 'minority boys' missed a meeting.

I love Eastern North Carolina.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

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From the web page of a Computer Science professor/lecturer at ECU:

1. Into the text box, type the numberof the Computer Science Course on which you are commenting or the word HOME to comment on this web site. (Use mouse to move cursor into this text box and click mouse. Edit by positioning cursor with mouse or arrow keys and then deleting or inserting type.)
Good thing she provides instructions in typing into the input field. That's complicated stuff for intro level CS majors.
NOTE: Because of the "Anonymous" feature of this means of communication, I will NOT be able to respond to you.
You have to wonder, when people put these things in quotation marks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Long, long ago my brother and I started collecting bottle caps. Eventually, he stopped (and gave me some of his), but I've never gotten over it. At this point, I kind of wish someone would give me a few bucks and take them away, or take them for free, or something. I'm sure there's an art student at ECU who'd like them. Maybe I should post a flier.

Luca Masters's Bottle Cap Collection
Roughly 11 000 Bottle Caps

Nowadays. the collection grows primarily thanks to my dad drinking gallons of Diet Dr. Peppet, but during the Pepsi+iTunes promotion this year, I went through recycle bins and trashcans at ECU daily, and all in all managed top win over 100 free songs without drinking a single bottle of soda. Which isn't to say they were all winners.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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This blackboard sits in the Solaris half of the ECU Computer Science computer lab. On the left, you see the statistics from one of Dr. Gopal's tests. An average of 54.15% really is not abnormal for one of his tests. The first test always kills the fools. In CS2610, the average on the first test was 46.something and in discrete math it was 47.something. One of my favourite professors, Dr. Gopal.

The ECU Computer Science Lab Blackboard
This board is actually quite boring compared to what it used to say. It included instructions on how to edit your source file on UNIX ('type "emacs filename"') and instructions for logging in ('choose "Gnome"' [CDE was the only other option, and for a while it was freezing. Now it just sucks.]).

Monday, May 23, 2005

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I got a digital camera on Friday, so with any luck, I'll take lots of useful Creative Commons pictures. At any rate, I have a number to post here, but I'll probably just post a few each day for a bit. Updates here tend to come in spurts, and I'd kind of like to spread it out some. For today, it's a quick book tour of my house, skipping most rooms because I'm lazy.

Here's the room where I spend most of my time. Refered to as either the Computer Room or the Library. Rough estimate is ~6 000 books contained herein. Around 320 feet shelves--some of them doubled up--and books stacked in front of them. Boxes of books are used astables.

You can't really see it well, but here's the primary bookwall. Eight bookcases on this side:

On the other side, a chimney, computers, and two doors consume much of the space ,but we have two bookcases.

Here's the right-side of the first photo from another angle. Sadly, some ugly oaf got in the way.

Of course, that room's entirely full, so we've had to stack boxes eight feet height just outside the door.

Then, of course, we have shelves in just about every other room in the house. Here are the four corners of Duncan's room: 1, 2, 3, 4. Note that some of the stuff is my dad's/storage, as Duncan's currently in Cape Verde.
Here's my room. I have few books. :-(

Of coruse, my brother used to work for a used bookstore, but when the bookstore switched warehouses, they had us take most of the books.

Over a hundred cubic feet of books.

Most have been since shunted off to the local libraries over the years, but we still have a few:
Some are in the double shed:
Some are in a barn stall (originally, the stall was completely full, as was half the main corrodor)
The rest are in the barn loft.

Computers v. 10 000 books

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fun little stuff.

I recently wrote (yet another) Brainfuck interpreter, this time in Javascript. Last night, I wrote a Javascript implementation of Conway's Game of Life (not uploaded yet; it's on the laptop), which I plan on extending in numerous fun ways. (Why just alive/dead? Why not a million different shades for a million different lifestrengths? And I've long been planning a massively multiplayer version.)

I may do a Markovian chain generator as well. And I recently started a toy programming language interpreter, but I've done very little and it needs a nearly-complete reworking.

Javascript can be fun.

As for Perl, I've done very little recently, largely due to having no good machine to do it on. I may get around to reimplementing my text adventure game again, but I'd really like to make it use mySQL or something, which would require getting that running on one of my machines, and a fair bit of actual software engineering, rather than my normal slapdash scripting. I'd also like to mess about with some AI-like stuff. Maybe take Marko and give it better pattern recognition.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Condoleeza Rice recently stated that America can defend itself against missile attacks from North Korea.


Maybe she got confused from all this 'Star Wars: Episode III' hype.