Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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This blackboard sits in the Solaris half of the ECU Computer Science computer lab. On the left, you see the statistics from one of Dr. Gopal's tests. An average of 54.15% really is not abnormal for one of his tests. The first test always kills the fools. In CS2610, the average on the first test was 46.something and in discrete math it was 47.something. One of my favourite professors, Dr. Gopal.

The ECU Computer Science Lab Blackboard
This board is actually quite boring compared to what it used to say. It included instructions on how to edit your source file on UNIX ('type "emacs filename"') and instructions for logging in ('choose "Gnome"' [CDE was the only other option, and for a while it was freezing. Now it just sucks.]).

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