Monday, May 23, 2005

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I got a digital camera on Friday, so with any luck, I'll take lots of useful Creative Commons pictures. At any rate, I have a number to post here, but I'll probably just post a few each day for a bit. Updates here tend to come in spurts, and I'd kind of like to spread it out some. For today, it's a quick book tour of my house, skipping most rooms because I'm lazy.

Here's the room where I spend most of my time. Refered to as either the Computer Room or the Library. Rough estimate is ~6 000 books contained herein. Around 320 feet shelves--some of them doubled up--and books stacked in front of them. Boxes of books are used astables.

You can't really see it well, but here's the primary bookwall. Eight bookcases on this side:

On the other side, a chimney, computers, and two doors consume much of the space ,but we have two bookcases.

Here's the right-side of the first photo from another angle. Sadly, some ugly oaf got in the way.

Of course, that room's entirely full, so we've had to stack boxes eight feet height just outside the door.

Then, of course, we have shelves in just about every other room in the house. Here are the four corners of Duncan's room: 1, 2, 3, 4. Note that some of the stuff is my dad's/storage, as Duncan's currently in Cape Verde.
Here's my room. I have few books. :-(

Of coruse, my brother used to work for a used bookstore, but when the bookstore switched warehouses, they had us take most of the books.

Over a hundred cubic feet of books.

Most have been since shunted off to the local libraries over the years, but we still have a few:
Some are in the double shed:
Some are in a barn stall (originally, the stall was completely full, as was half the main corrodor)
The rest are in the barn loft.

Computers v. 10 000 books

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