Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fun little stuff.

I recently wrote (yet another) Brainfuck interpreter, this time in Javascript. Last night, I wrote a Javascript implementation of Conway's Game of Life (not uploaded yet; it's on the laptop), which I plan on extending in numerous fun ways. (Why just alive/dead? Why not a million different shades for a million different lifestrengths? And I've long been planning a massively multiplayer version.)

I may do a Markovian chain generator as well. And I recently started a toy programming language interpreter, but I've done very little and it needs a nearly-complete reworking.

Javascript can be fun.

As for Perl, I've done very little recently, largely due to having no good machine to do it on. I may get around to reimplementing my text adventure game again, but I'd really like to make it use mySQL or something, which would require getting that running on one of my machines, and a fair bit of actual software engineering, rather than my normal slapdash scripting. I'd also like to mess about with some AI-like stuff. Maybe take Marko and give it better pattern recognition.

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