Saturday, October 29, 2005

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(Link largely unrelated to this post. I ended a forum post about this news story with that line. What a useless headline.)

The United Arab Emirates and Iran and the lot are terrible countries. No nation should ever officially favour one religion (or race) over another. That's just immoral.

Israel, of course, doesn't count. That's different. Because those poor souls were oppressed by Hitler. Hitler didn't mind Muslims though. He thought they were just as good as Christians.


Anonymous said...

I always considered myself to have been raised to be open-minded, and for the most part I think I was. However, my parents sent me to Hebrew school where we basically learned that Isreal was good and Palestine was bad. We prayed for Isreal and stuff like that, and learned all about why Israel deserved to be there more than Palestine. It was a very one-sided education.

It wasn't until reading some of what you'd said and learning about the situation from a significantly less biased point of view in school that I realised that I'd been brainwashed into automatically assuming that the Israelites were right. And I'd always thought I'd escaped that sort of upbringing.

I wonder what else I've been brainwashed into thinking.

LKBM said...

If you've been brainwashed, why's your mind so dirty?