Tuesday, December 20, 2005

At supper tonight I asked what the french word for soup was, 'cause it'd come up at lunch when no one but me and some unknowing kids were around.

My mom listed 'potage', 'véloute', 'bouillabaisse', and probably one or two others1.

This being a more-German-than-French2 household, I commented that bouillabaisse is good to give people as a gift.

Of course, none of them got it, though if my brother had been paying attention, he might've. He knew what was needed to be known, anyway, even if wouldn't've connected them.

1 She didn't mention 'soupe'. Odd word, that. 'soup' is obviously of Germanic origin.

2 Language-wise. Ancestorially, I think it might be slightly more French. My dad's side was French some ways back and my mom's German probably a longer ways back.

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