Saturday, April 22, 2006

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Beaufort Country's favourite racist is running for the NC Senate. I just received word through the mail. Begins the letter, 'Dear Fellow Republican'. (I am not a Republican. I'm a registered Independent.)

He also includes a page titled 'Part of an Interview with The N.C. Conservative'. The last question is:

8) Senator Basnight was a strong supporter of Julia Boseman in her race for the 9th Senate District. Does Basnight support gay marriage (Boseman's key issue)?
From where I'm sitting, Basnight's behaviour supports gay marriage. He supports Julia Boseman who supports gay rights. He does not support the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The constitutional amendment is the only way to keep activist judges from giving us gay rights. Boseman is a lawyer. Scary isn't it?

Poor Mr. Richardson is being given gay rights. :-(((

(Anyone remember the days when constitutions were articles about increasing personal rights?)


Anonymous said...

Muh? I thought that they were about acknowledging them.

LKBM said...

Well, something like that. You're right though: Hobbes sucks. :-)

si7dp62yin said...
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