Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dreams are usually boring. But this was lucid. It's still probably boring. But I've not posted recently, so I'll post this:

Okay, I was taking photos. And people I knew online were there. I think. But then my camera ran out of power. And was almost full. So I had empty it out onto the laptop, but I was aware that this was a dream, so I was all 'can't I just decide it's been done? You know, fast forward?' but I knew I couldn't 'cause I'd know I hadn't really done it. So I thought 'Well, how about I've written a tiny scripts to handle it for me?' and that was okay, but the camera wasn't totally full; that wasn't the problem. It was out of power. And recharging takes a while.
I don't think it occurred to me that I could run out and buy a second battery. Or maybe it did and that was unacceptable as well.

Lucid dreaming sounds fun until you discover your mind is so logical that it won't even let you bend reality in your dreams.

Though how I copied photos from my camera when the batteries were dead, I don't know. I hadn't a chip reader. And this was internal memory.

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