Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay, some of you may already know about how I've had to teach Firefox' the British dictionary all sorts of unusual words it didn't know, such as I'm0 and Mom and Firefox1. Well, I was writing about a 'Sergeant' a few days ago and I misspelled it as 'Seargent'. Stupid me. Luckily, good ol' Firefox knew what I meant to say Sargent. Yes, that's right, Firefox' only suggestion2 for Seargent is some Italian painter from a hundred years ago. This name, they know, but not their own.

Firefox stores my additions in a plaintext file, so if necessary I can take a decent dictionary and parse it into persdict.dat. I don't know what effect this will have on speed or memory usage. Actually, I could probably just make my own dictionary separate from persdict.dat. I'd have to figure out the Affix file, though.

0 I actually see this in their dictionary, but for some reason, it was marked as misspelled until I added it myself.

1 For those wondering, here's my current persdict.dat, commaised:
NaNoWriMo, math, humourous, Ogg, eeMail, Draega, pyromaniacal, nontheist, Fatboy, pomeranian, ruckus, eC, may've, Firefox, username, katana, GMail, slutty, AOL, eem, Zounds, sophomore, Google, Blogger, OMG, usernames, blog, mom, sterilise, toolbar, Yankovic, vulcanologist, Where've, chav, Why'd, quait, Nefeara, we'd've, Internalism, AOLspeak, Everything's, Tanenbaum, Crips, permalink, How'd, nutcase, what'll, eCritters, I'm, goth, Flaillip, long's, Sophomore, towelettes, Elrond, tad, Winamp's, dumbass, recognise, Firefox's, geek, Quaker, Pesce, IM, wanna, chowder, Realising, MSN, unschooling, food'll, cypherpunks, VRML, emo, Physicalism, ECU, Badfinger, Rammstein, Debian, Universalists, burrito, Yay, MxPx, snuck, NOFX, Wesc, VeggieTales, Whoot, Wikipedia, Mom, infinitly, NC, fantabulous, Tanenbaums, codswallop, pissy, IRC, genwesc, Strawhert, Cardassian, marvy, begetting, Chatspeak, Provolone, Elinks, favourite, military's, dang, olds, pomiferous, Luca, Ramones, Why's, okay, Nyrial, perfit, gonna, paddleboats, Galeon, Zeka, Kaceem, Okay, Bizkit, paddleboat, FreeNode, ACLU, bear's, Paddleboats, online, blogging, anymore, Pigface, Hilfa, geekdom, Chocowinity, Reliabilism, WMP, nutjobs, hollered, CJ, lkbm, STFU, sesquipedalian, sudoku, miso, plaintext, undead, Gorillaz, asshole

2 I lie. Firefox also suggests 'Se argent' and 'sear gent'.

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