Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At ECU, the beginning German students get three(?) books:
* A textbook to teach them German.
* A workbook to practice German.
* English Grammar for Students of German to teach them English grammar.

No, really. 'Chapter 7: What is a Verb?' 'Chapter 15: What is a Sentence?'

Sadly, this book really is needed. Okay, we all know what a verb is (I hope), but often people find themselves unable to define 'infinitive' or 'modal verb', though usually I suspect they can give examples.

But that courses for teaching American college students German must also teach the Americans English is sad.


Anonymous said...

One shouldn't assume that just because a person is reading this book, they need to be "taught English". I'm learning German, but haven't been in school for 30 years, so this book merely helps to refresh my memory on proper sentence structure.

LKBM said...

It sounds as if you should have over thirty years of practice using proper sentence structure. :-)

Anonymous said...

30 years?

i've just learned english recently..

not yet Germany...

LKBM said...

That's great, but this is an American university with a low international population. All but one person in this class grew up in the US. This book should be made available for new speakers, not required for native speakers.