Friday, March 04, 2005

That was a fun test.

I figured I'd do quite poorly. Graduate-level Cryptography with one of the tougher professors. Yes, it was a Gopal test: a test that makes you think. I love those.

I studied more than usual, but considerably less than I should've. And the test half-killed me. I'd guess that I got a C. Or maybe a B, since he grades on a fifteen-point scale.

So I did poorly. But that's alright. I sat in that classroom with a bunch of graduate students and not one left before five+ minutes after the end of class. He finally kicked the last three of us out about twenty minutes after the class was supposed to end. And you could tell nobody was happily dotting their final 'i' and turning in their test with a cheerful 'I'm done!' No, it was clearly an 'I give up. I just don't know the answer to this question'. Nobody was on top of that test.

That was a fun test.

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LKBM said...

Update: I got the only A in the class. Average was a C. Lowest was an F.