Wednesday, July 04, 2007

  1. Review the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
  2. Write letters to politicians.
  3. Send more money to the ACLU.
  4. Blow up part of the country with colourful explosives.

In one of my courses at ECU--a large course consisting largely of pre-med seniors, I do believe--the professor asked us how old you had to be a US Senator. People told him thirty-five.

On January 1, 2005, some people I know were discussing term limits. Numerous people--my dad, a retired math professor, and I believe some others--thought it was merely a limit on consecutive terms.

The general consensus among Republicans is that all Americans are endowed with certain rights, but that they're not inalienable and that only Americans have them.

If you're an American and I've described you with any of these anecdotes, please buy yourself a clue.

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Unknown said...

Is it such a big deal to be a little off on term limits for senators?

Are you quite sure that there is a general consensus that _all_ Americans are endowed with certain rights? I reckon that Republicans would exclude, say, homosexuals, and that Democrats and Republicans alike would exclude, say, convicted felons.