Sunday, September 28, 2008

Earlier, I felt tingly, and then cold sweatish and then slight lightheadedness, so I was like, 'Hmmm...I'll be like that moron on Google's Testimonials page who thought she was having a heart attack so she finished walking home, Googled the symptoms, and then called an ambulance'.

So I read the symptom list for heart attacks (which I already knew, but why not?), and was like 'Hmmm, that's me to a large extent' so I mentioned this to Bryan just in case I suddenly passed out. (Actually, a bit before mentioning it to Bryan, I typed 'Gee, I hope I'm not having a heart attack.' into an IRC tab, but didn't send it. 'Luca's passed out! Let's look at what he was writing in IRC. Looks like maybe he was having a heart attack.' See, just in case.)

Anyway, over the next minute or two it got worse and lightheadedness got bad and vision blurred, so Bryan was going to drive me to the hospital (having just Googled where to find such an institution), but 1. oh noes! a bunch of cars parked behind him in the driveway and 2. I didn't make it to the car. So he called the ambulance while I lay on the driveway (where I found myself alone upon awaking) with my feet up on his car, feeling better because, well, I was lying down with my feet raised (clever of me to think to put my feet up, eh? I'm like a doctor or something).

Eventually the ambulance came and checked my blood pressure, which was fine, and my blood sugar, which was fine, and something involving various electrode thingies, which were fine, and said 'You seem fine, but we can do a cardiogram-like-thing (not their term, but something like that) if you want and I was all 'yeah, probably a good idea' so they did and said 'You're not having a heart attack' and I was 'then screw the hospital. I'm actually feeling essentially fine by now anyway!'

Long story short: I'm alive and exceptionally healthy, with the exception of the rare bout of feeling faint and passing out, which hopefully won't happen again because I kind of run a chainsaw for a living right now, and those things can be dangerous, I'm told.

By the way, in the 'gee, I'm having a heart attack' moment, I was actually less concerned with making sure my brother (or someone trustworthy) would have access to my passwords and more concerned with deleting data that should die with me.

The moral of the story is: encrypt what you want to die with you and encrypt with a different key the data that shouldn't.

And Bryan says next time this happens, none of this sitting around Googling. Hospital.


Duncan said...

I often feel like that after running up a mountain.

I also felt like that and passed out briefly during the "drinking kills" video for the ECU health class (when they were showing the bloody corpses of drunk drives).

Were you running up a mountain? Did you see a bloody corpse? Was your heart or sympathetic nervous system taxed?

I recommend not sprinting around and dismembering people while you are using the chainsaw.

Of course, that's only assuming that there is a genetic link.

LKBM said...

I think part of the problem is that I hadn't run up any hills lately, or done anything else. I'd been sitting in front of the computer for days, and before that we were working in Angelina National Forest where much of the time was spent doing very little. (Hiking a few miles a day doesn't count as work.)

One person suggested maybe I hadn't had enough protein or sugar, and I can't really remember what I had for breakfast or lunch that day. usually for breakfast I have three eggs + beans on toast and maybe some tortillas (for the overflowing eggs+beans) followed by yoghurt + sugary cereal, so if I went a few days with a sudden drop-off, that could've been an issue.

Anyway, the following day I walked about twelve blocks and resumed something closer to my normal eating habits. I hope I don't die this week. (Sparse meals here in San Antonio. Next week I shall probably purchase a dozen eggs, which will keep me well-fed for the four mornings I'll be here.)

I dunno, though. Large amounts of butter...I can feel it in my eyes burning, sometimes. Maybe it's something resembling lactose intolerance. Pure (read: on cereal) milk gives me a stomach ache, I believe. (I didn't bother experimenting after it happened once.)